This sucks

September 3, 2007

App State knows a place No Carr's Go

App State knows a place No Carr’s Go

I didn’t see it. I was in Dallas, thankfully. And most of you didn’t either thanks to the B10 Network debacle. Perhaps this is for the best. Seeing as I didn’t see the game, my reflections are more tangential or circumstantial rather than analytical. Enjoy!

1. Hats off to App State.

I took you lightly, as did everyone else. I was wrong. Obviously they’re not a chump team, 1-AA ranking aside. They could probably demolish the Illini (or us?). We got beat plain and simple. They were prepared and passionate, it’s obvious we weren’t. They knew we couldn’t handle mobile quarterbacks and spread offenses, so they ran with both. They had mobile, streamlined linemen making ours look fat and immobile.

2. When in the hell is this going to stop?

Everything I said in the last paragraph is a re-hash of everything that’s been said for years about this team and it’s defensive liabilities. How many times does this team have to get shitkicked by a scrambling quarterback before we start either a.) recruiting a faster, more mobile defense; or b.) using our recruits more effectively?

It has to stop. This is an embarassment to a great program that runs with a target on its back week after week, year after year. You simply cannot hang anymore by relying on superior talent in an effective scheme. It just doesn’t work.

3. This was history, and it’s inevitable we’re going to get laughed at

It’s awful to be on the wrong side of history, but it’s history nonetheless. No hard feelings for App State; if anything, the opposite. Their coach — who started crying on the sideline when the final buzzer sounded, overcome with emotion for his David v. Goliath accomplishment — was a class act, their team was a class act. We all shit on App State all summer and we got it handed right back. We’re eating crow.

It’s inevitable that we’re the laughing stock of the NCAAF nation right now. I wish I could simply take solace in the predictability of ridicule. But I can’t. I’m pissed off. I’m angry. I’m honestly more angry about my school being ripped apart than I am the loss — it’s hard to get this upset over something like this for the sheer fact that it’s WEEK ONE. I haven’t even processed CFB yet.

4. That being said, some assholes need to shut their mouths

Why is it that every time U-M loses MSU celebrates as if its team won? (Note: this could be because MSU tends to suck… but nice win yesterday). Or the many around the world that hate Michigan? We all love to see an underdog do the impossible, but I’m a little fed up with it by now. The “Michigan fan” that most people hate isn’t even a student; he’s an arrogant bandwagoner from Detroit who gives the school and the students a bad name. Hate them. Don’t hate us. It’s our school. Of course we have school spirit. But I think we all have rationality as well to understand that we just blew it. Hard.

5. Saturday September 9 is the season

Beat the Ducks or the wheels will come off. If they already haven’t.


2 Responses to “This sucks”

  1. Alain Says:

    im just hanging out til we lose the rosebowl again
    -arrogant bandwagoner from detroit

    do we deserve to lose the ranking?

  2. mike Says:

    I didn’t see it so I can’t judge the whole game but from what I’m hearing yeah.

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