Massive weekend

September 24, 2007

Thursday: Delayed 2 hours out of Metro, lovely. Get to Chicago late, take a cab into town. Get dropped off at wrong hotel. Walk 3 blocks to right hotel. Enter lobby, realize I am not in a sportcoat like everyone else, in fact I am in jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes (and I have sweat dripping down my face from the walk). Quickly ushered up to my room, which was full of victorian furniture I didn’t know how to use and a minibar with Grey Goose and Belvedere. All that, and I still had to pay $15 to get on the internet.

Friday: Interview number two. Went well. Got a good lunch at Tavern on the Park overlooking Millenium Park. Spent some time with Lindsey. Amazingly, I had no delay going out of O’Hare. Get back to AA, head out to BW3’s (lame) and meet Dave and the pharmacy bunch. End up at Live later. I had a few beers and that combined with me eating too much that day made me sorta sick so I crashed early, but didn’t end up asleep until around 4AM due to nausea. Hooray!

Saturday: Get up at 8:30AM, awesome. Putz around, do some paperwork and then meet my dad. We wander aimlessly around AA for about an hour cause he got there a lot earlier than I expected and no one I knew was tailgating. Go to the game, we win. It’s perfect weather and I get a solid suntan. Dave runs and gets us a table at Palio, I had a decent mixed grill with polenta. End up at Old Town with my brother and his now-fiance Laura, I buy them celebratory Jagerbombs (sick) which effectively ends the night before midnight and we all head home.

Sunday: Full night’s sleep. Wake up and head to Wasem’s Orchards for apple picking with the International Law Society. I had an apple flavored donut with maple frosting and it was heaven. Come home, do more homework despite still feeling wrecked from Sat / Sun. Catch a flight back to Chicago around 6, get in early. Have dinner on the sidewalk in Lincoln Park. Watch the Bears lose. End up at my baller hotel near Rush Street. Time for bed.

Interview number 3 in the morning.


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