Democrats bail on Michigan primary

October 11, 2007

I’d like to give a shoutout to Howard Dean!

Maybe it’s our failing economy or our floundering college football teams, but Michigan (or at least the Democratic Party in Michigan) just couldn’t deal with being an afterthought when it comes to primaries, so they — in contravention of Democratic National Committee rules — moved the primary to January 15th.

As such, all the major Democratic candidates backed out, including Sens. Clinton and Obama, the only ones that people (should) really care about.

What does this mean for me? Well, no chance to fight the nomination of Hilary Clinton for starters. I haven’t really settled on who I’m voting for in 2008, seeing as it is 2007, but I sure as hell know it won’t be for Hilary. Not cause she’s a woman or a Democrat, because for all I know, I could be both. More because I just can’t stand her.

But my early inclinations are to throw my weight behind Barack Obama, who is not a Muslim nor a bitch who rides on the cottails of her husband, but my chances of getting an opportunity to do so are dwindling, according to polls. Frustratingly, due to either some primadonna tactics by the Michigan Democratic Party, or some legitimately unfair dealing by the DNC, I don’t get a chance to lend Mr. Obama a helping hand.

Although maybe it is a wash anyway. Apparently Hilary loves the Iowa loose-beef sandwich (not to be confused with her love for the “young feminist loose-beef sandwich”). This’ll probably give her the nomination in a landslide.

After the debacle that was Ron Paul’s speech on the Diag Tuesday night, and now this, I’m beginning to construct a list of write-ins for 2008. So far I have Steve Yzerman, Brian McGinnis, and me.


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