A Spoon-ful of sweetness

October 15, 2007

Went and saw Spoon Saturday night at the Majestic Theater. Dudes simply destroyed. It was one of the better pure rock shows I’ve seen in quite some time.

Britt Daniel pulls off his voice so well it’s almost unfair. I left the night wishing I was him.

The real highlight of the show was the new track they played to start Encore 1. Had a nice child molester vibe to it.

Other highlight of the show: the females in attendance. These ladies, at least the ones by me, were real gems. I love how they spent most of the night walking around like they were hot shit with their little drinks in their hands, usually either right in front of me or behind me, and thus not watching the show. Then when the band “rocked,” they would actually stand still, but flail around like some really self-important person who obviously knew rock and roll and was obviously really feeling the show. If they weren’t doing one of these two things mentioned, they were probably talking. Extra special kudos go to the slightly chunky girl who apparently had a miscalibrated self image (no, she was not the supermodel she thought she was): it was very cool when she would rudely push people aside to get closer to the stage (cause, well, she’s a girl, and she thinks she’s hot, so she deserves it, right?), and it was even cooler when she got up on the stage, raised her hands sexily above her head, made the hot girl dancing face, and tried to groove with Britt Daniel, who pretty much dismissed the whole incident.

Errrrr boy.


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