2008 watch: The Teenagers

January 24, 2008

So, here’s another 2008 album I came across that’s pretty solid. These dudes make instantly likeable synth-pop, and they’re from France, so you can already sort of assume what it sounds like. But on top they’ve got awkward vocals by a dude that, in terms of lyrical content and delivery, sort of reminds me of the guy from Art Brut, and he’s singing like a 17 year old: talking about sex, girls, Scarlett Johansson, insecurity, etc. The lyrics are retarded yet witty; the chord progressions are pure pop-bliss; and the beats are totally danceable. The album celebrates the awkward teenage years unabashedly; these guys know just how ridiculous this all is, and that makes it all the better.

Should appeal to fans of Cut Copy, Hot Chip, Phoenix, Daft Punk, etc. etc. They’ve got two leadoff singles, “Homecoming” (which details the lead singer’s hookup with his American chearleader’s step-cousin) and “Starlett Johansson,” which is about Scarlett obv. Both videos are up on YouTube:

Teenagers – Homecoming (video) 
Teenagers – Starlett Johansson (video) 

You’ll scratch your head for a bit, and then it’ll all set in.


One Response to “2008 watch: The Teenagers”

  1. itsjustaphase Says:

    I have the starlett track and remixes here on my blog if you’re interested? You probably already have them but thought i’d let you know just in case!
    Your category list is also truely special…! I shall be checking them out now



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