What Terrelle Pryor is to College Football, Fabian Brunnstrom is to NHL

January 28, 2008

Overhyped prospect? The real deal?

Doesn’t matter, because everybody wants him. Fabian Brunnstrom is a 22-year old, 6’1, 195 pound prospect in the Swedish Elite Team that is being tagged as possibly being the next Daniel Alfredsson. Honestly, I’ll believe it when I see it. But what is great about the Brunnstrom sweepstakes is that due to NHL rules, 22-years old is too old to enter the draft, so he can just sign with any team that wants his services.  This has led to a frenzy of wining and dining in Sweden, with just about every team getting in on it — hey, a player that might be as good as Alfredsson available to whatever team woos him enough? This kind of stuff is awesome for sports and should happen more often.

Of course it doesn’t hurt when your team is the class of the league, and also the team that has 7 fellow swedes to help Brunnstrom make the transition smoothly.

And, now, it looks like that all has paid off for the Wings:

The Wings are, however, believed to have secured the services of Fabian Brunnstrom, an almost 23-year-old forward who’s become a star in the Swedish Elite League

This was from Helene St. James in the Freep. Note the word “believed.” That means it’s not 100%. But, due to the NHL waiver rules, any team that signed him before his current team’s season is up (his current team being whatever team he plays for over in Sweden), would have to wait for him to clear waivers… meaning any other team in the league could claim him, and whichever one has top priority surely would. So, there will not be any contract signed until the Swedish season is over, and the fact that some sort of agreement has reached might mean this is as good as done.

For a team like the Wings, which has consistently failed to acquire a top draft pick due to years of success and/or trading picks for grizzly, old veterans, getting this sort of possibility — even if he turns out to be crap — would be a total score, and definitely be exciting. I’m not buying the hype, but I’m stoked about what it could be.

But let’s wait for some official word. Until, then peep this clip. Obviously, he’d have to give up his jersey number:


One Response to “What Terrelle Pryor is to College Football, Fabian Brunnstrom is to NHL”

  1. Jamie Says:

    This is just the sort of levelheaded yet optimistic insight im going to need from my hockey insider.

    now we just need a name

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