2008 watch: Sun Kil Moon

January 30, 2008

Sun Kil Moon’s 2003 release Ghosts of the Great Highway (see a fun story about this album at the bottom of this post) would probably place in my top 20 or even 15 albums of all time — I have some sort of weird emotional connection with that album, for reasons I don’t really understand. Maybe that’s the genius behind his work: it just latches on to you, and you don’t really comprehend it, notice it, or expect it. It’s nothing new or revolutionary; it’s neither sad nor happy. He’s just got a classic voice and a late-night sort of sound which is perfect for the quiet Saturday night at home, tired from Friday, thinking about shit, maybe over a beer or something.

Judging from the track “Moorestown,” which is now streaming at his label’s website (click on the album art, then Listen) the new release April (slated for release, perhaps unsurprisingly, on April 1) picks off right where Ghosts left off, with somber guitar, pianos, and strings floating in and out behind Kozelek. I’ll save you the hyperbole; just download it yourself.

Of note: supposedly both Will Oldham and Ben Gibbard make guest appearances.

Also of note: Kozelek will also be releasing a solo album (i.e., not under the Sun Kil Moon moniker) the same day.
Finally, a funny story: I totalled my car, on the highway, during one of my first spins of Ghosts of the Great Highway. So he wasn’t joking; these ghosts must exist.


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