This could explain why John McCain doesn’t support torture

February 2, 2008

I spent about 30 minutes this morning reading this article about John McCain’s 5-year stay in North Vietnamese prison camps during the Vietnam War. Honestly, it’s almost impossible to believe a human being endured everything McCain endured: 2+ years of solitary confinement in a shack, having all limbs broken at the same time (or at least 3), never seeing your family for all that time.

This doesn’t sway me in my voting (I’m pretty set on voting for Obama so long as he gets the nomination; I’ll vote McCain assuming he and Hillary win the nominations), but it’s a great story. Don’t let your political feelings take away from how remarkable this really is. And it’s not propoganda (or at least, it’s not today’s propoganda) — this is a reprint of a story originally published in 1973.

If you’ve got the time, check it out. I haven’t read many better articles in a while.


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