Unverified absolute truths

March 7, 2008

1. When someone says something like “I’m thinking about getting into ______” (as in, “I’m thinking about getting into soul music”) or “I’m really getting into ______” (as in, “I’m really getting into Asian culture”) or “I want to get into ______” (as in, “I want to get into hiking”), they’re not, they’re not, they’re not.

2. People in my peer group don’t really like the following things, but they like feeling like they like the following things:

  • Wine — especially upper level undergraduate girls and guys who don’t know how to talk to girls
  • Jazz — “musicians” or “deep” thinkers
  • Art — “He’s, like, one of those art guys”
  • Sushi — I’m still hungry, but this is a solid appetizer
  • Indie rock — I go to the Apple Store with a notepad and write down the songs on the display Pods

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