Life is better lived through music

April 2, 2008

I can’t pick too many moments in my life where I can say “that was the best/one of the best moment(s) of my life.” Thinking about it now, I do feel a little dumb that, of those moments, one was at a U2 concert, but whatever. When this video starts, Bono is singing the outro to “#40,” one of my U2 favorites. They had segued from “Bad” into “#40” and now they’re segueing into “Where the Streets Have No Name,” one of my desert island all-time favorite songs.

In the video, it seems like Bono is standing in the middle of the crowd — he’s not; he’s standing on a heart-shaped walkway (ugh) they had erected out into the middle of the floor. I was 2 people back from the tip of the heart at our show. When I heard the Edge hit the first couple notes, and realized what song it was, I just lost control. I’d never been that floored by music before and I haven’t been since. There was Bono, 5 feet in front of me, playing God as usual — but dammit, I didn’t care: this was it. I hate so much about this band but, ultimately, their music has some sort of spiritual connection with me. Just imagine if a church could ever pull this off.

And for good measure, here’s an awesome White Stripes video I cam across tonight. As you can tell by this post, I am no stranger to hyperbole, but videos like this make you happy you haven’t given up on music yet:


2 Responses to “Life is better lived through music”

  1. Jamie Says:

    are you trying to spite me?

  2. radioheaded Says:

    We’ve had this conversation 1000x. So at this point, I make this recommendation: next time you’re in the bathroom, check your pants for a vagina. You’re woman-esque in your ability to hold on to things and continually bring them up, no matter how many times I say that I really feel you got screwed, or that I feel bad about it (which I do).

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