Hey I’m stupid LOL

April 10, 2008

Gary Bettman, the man ultimately responsible for NHL expansion, taking the fighting out of hockey, trying to run the NHL like the NBA, and the lack of a TV contract (hey-o), proved his worth (which = zero) today on some radio show (Mike & the Mad Dog).

Not surpisingly, Mike & “Mad Dog” knew little of hockey but wanted a hockey segment due to the start of the playoffs. They got a list of the top-10 selling jerseys in the league to help them prep for the interview, and asked Bettman about one of the names they didn’t recognize.

[I’m paraphrasing the exchange.]

Mad Dog and / or Mike: So, Mr. Bettman, we’ve heard of most of these names, but we don’t know who Maxim Afinogenov is. Who is he?

Bettman: A defensemen for the Buffalo Sabres.

Afinogenov is a right wing. The commissioner of a failing league doesn’t even know enough about the top-10 most popular players in it to make it through a phone interview. He only corrected the mistake 45 seconds later, presumably after being corrected by his assistant off the phone.

I’d understand if he didn’t know who some third-or-fourth liner was, or some fifth-or-sixth defenseman. But this is one of the top 10 best selling jerseys in the league, and your only job is to run this league. How do you not know who the guy is? I mean, people make mistakes, but after everything else he’s done, you’ve got to really, really wonder what this guy’s deal is.

What a dummy.


One Response to “Hey I’m stupid LOL”

  1. Joe Says:

    Bettman’s gotta go!!!!


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