Sean Avery can go eat a dick sandwich

April 14, 2008

I don’t often agree with Don Cherry (a.k.a. the Dick Vitale of the NHL) but he’s dead on when he discusses the antics of former-Red Wing, current-Ranger, and life-long prick Sean Avery. Dude’s such a douchebag.

Tonight Sean Avery added another winner to his collection of lowlights. During the NJ-NYR game, he turned his back to the play and came face-to-face with Devils goaltender Marty Brodeur. Granted, Avery and Brodeur have a history of ill-will towards each other, but this is just ridiculous. You’re in the playoffs, and you’re taunting a goalie hoping that will give you an advantage. I mean, the entire play is going on behind his back!

Kudos to the refs for letting Marty get a few pops in to Avery. Moments like this make me wish Scott Stevens were still playing the game, so he could essentially kill Avery, the way he essentially killed Paul Kariya, Slava Kozlov, and Eric Lindros.

Unrelated note: SJ just blew a 3-0 lead. I can almost hear Joe Thornton’s spine turning to mush through my TV.


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