2008 Watch: Wolf Parade

April 16, 2008

Yes, I do love this band quite a lot, and their upcoming release (currently untitled and slated to drop June 17) is one of my most anticipated albums of the year. The new single “Call it a Ritual” is out, a fact of which I’m sure most of you are aware. But in case you missed it, there’s a link below. I’m not going to gush too much, but yeah, it’s a winner. Picks up where the band left off, but with a little less urgency and overkill. The songwriting seems a bit better, the vocals a bit more controlled, and the production, well, it doesn’t suck like the production on the last one. If this sort of quality extends across the album, it should be a real gooder.

Also great about Wolf Parade releasing a new album: Wolf Parade touring. Saw them in 2005 and they were fantastic.

Wolf Parade – Call it a Ritual


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