Happiness pie

April 17, 2008

There’s that old familiar, lovely feeling again — it’s April, round one, and the Wings are in a dicey situation against an inferior team. That’s no slight to Nashville; in fact, it’s a testament to just how great they’ve been playing. They’re overcoming a better team with ease right now.

Was that the last we’ll ever see of Dominik Hasek? Quite possible, especially if the Wings don’t make it out of this series. Osgood should play on Friday, and I think the only way Hasek gets back in net in this series is if Ozzie just blows it on Friday. 


Well, here’s something that sucks almost as much as the last two games did, and can’t help but make you forget about this series somewhat. It’s the long-lost rap single by Brian Wilson (yes, the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson). As B-Wil was going through, say, decade two of his mental meltdown in the late 1980’s he wrote a rap album. This is not a joke, as much as I thought it was at first. Feast your ears on one of the worst, most surreal pieces of music you’ll hear this week (at least) and allow it wash away memories of Hasek shoulder slumps after crucial goals, Nashville fans’ bandwagoning, the country music played at the Sommet Center, and that damn whistle:

Brian Wilson – Smart Girls


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