It’s not 1996

April 24, 2008

Babcock yells at Avs’ assistant coach Tony Granato during a game in Denver. Notice the expressions on the players on the bench.


You can certainly try to manufacture hype, and I guess that’s what people are doing with this whole Wings v. Avs series. I saw it on Around the Horn and PTI – PTI! – today. This will be an excellent series, but I don’t see it being any different than any other second round playoff series. Both teams are good, both teams have the potential to be great, and it’s going to be pretty darn close. 

This is is a series the Wings should win. The Avs don’t seem as pesky as Nashville, but they’re more talented. This might work in the Wings favor as they’re not continually trying to outplay a style of hockey that is built around shutting them down (not that the Avs won’t fall into the trap from time-to-time). The Wings seem to be the better team, but I’ll rely on that as much as I rely on Mikael Samuellson’s countless floating shots from the perimeter to actually go in. 

Goaltending might be huge (uh, yeah?); we’ll see if Jose Theodore is really on the hot streak “they” say he is (no, really, he’s been great), and we’ll see if there’s a goaltending controversy in Detroit. I hope we get an answer of “no” to both.

Three names that might potentially becoming really annoying: Ruslan Salei, Adam Foote, and Scott Hannan. Three big, physical for the Avs that will try to punish the Wings. And they’re good defensively as well. 

Prediction: Wings in six.


(2) SJ Sharks v. (4) Dallas Stars — STARS IN SIX

(1) Montreal v. (6) Philadelphia Flyers — HABS IN SEVEN
(2) Pittsburgh v. (5) NY Rangers — PENS IN SIX

Given how much I blew it round one you should probably not put up your mortgage or your kids’ college funds on these predictions. 


2 Responses to “It’s not 1996”

  1. dave Says:

    I remember back in 1999 analysts were saying the rivalry was over, it is weird how everyone is acting like 1996-97 will happen again…2002 was a great series, but there wasnt much bad blood other than Roy being his deuschbag-like self.

    I picked:
    Stars in 6
    Montreal in 7
    NY in 6

  2. radioheaded Says:

    How dare you pick against the Pens!

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