Moved to Chicago

May 17, 2008


Yesterday I drove to Chicago, became a disgusting sweaty mess as I unloaded my car (drawing looks from the chic neighbors nearby), went driving through the city to find my Comcast gear so I could watch the game today (was successful), hooked up all my gear, had a massive bowl of Pad Thai, watched Signs, listened to At Mount Zoomer by Wolf Parade straight through for about the 18th time, had a few drinks with Rob and Phil, some of which took place at either (a) a douche bar having “modern country music” night (yes, I was the only one not loving it (b) a Michigan State bar that smelled like a wet dog.

All in all, a nice start to the summer.

If I walk out the building and hang a louie I’m looking straight down Clark at the Herbie Hancock building. Not a bad view, and it looks sweet with the spires lit up at night.


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