Addendum: Best Red Wings YouTube videos

June 14, 2008

Here’s an addendum to my last post — some videos that show off just how awesome these guys are. I hope to God this city embraces these dudes as much as I have.

1. Aaron Downey dancing at the team party

2. Wings bring the Stanley Cup to Cheli’s unannounced to celebrate with fans

3. Lebda drops the f-bomb on Channel 4

4. Drunken Lebda plays reporter

By the way, Lebda was so shitfaced at Cheli’s that he dropped the Cup and they had to get it fixed. Dude’s a bit out of control.

5. Holmstrom doesn’t need this shit

6. Draper’s very young children drink on live TV

7. McCarty will punch you in the mouth

8. Pavel feels good

9. Osgood gives the Drapist a bag tag

10. Osgood and Lidstrom awkwardly visit Jay Leno


One Response to “Addendum: Best Red Wings YouTube videos”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    those videos are amazing. pavel datsuk + james brown = wtf?

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