I’m tired of indie rock

July 20, 2008

Pitchfork fest day 1 yesterday only served to confirm my suspicions that I am beginning to get old and grey and tired of this overhyped washed up indie rock bullshit. It also served to confirm that occasionally something can hit you so hard at such the right angle that everything that angered you about music, about a genre, about whatever, can be forgotten about.

Namely, the Hold Steady pretty much added four years to my lifespan yesterday. Energetic, sincere, precise. They had more musicality in the opening notes to ‘Sequestered in Memphis’ than !!! and all the other hipster-noodle nonsense have had in their entire careers. Craig Finn opened up and rained true, pretense-free shit on scads of art school fucks and homemade purse-touting Animal Collective fans with pure Adderall-driven glee and sadness, the likes of which made me wish I was drowning in a sea of Jim Beam. I don’t care how you feel about this band on album — hit or miss, sure — but in a day and age where I have to sift through oceans of irony to find something that truly makes me feel something, I’ll take 10,000x more Hold Steady albums before I have to hear another freak-folk schlockfest. Dudes were animals on stage, but endearing animals — they looked like they loved what they did and they wanted us to join them. It’s sad that this essential hallmark of live music — a connection between the artist and the fan — has become so rare.

Contrast this with the infinitely hateable bunch that is Vampire Weekend. Yeah, I like some of their songs, and they were Strokes-esque in their mechanically perfect reproduction of their album on stage. But dudes were some of the most smug, self-aware, shit-eating goons I saw all day, and considering I was at the Pitchfork Music Festival, this was an accomplishment. That being said, none of these comments apply to their drummer,  who looked like he belonged in the Hold Steady and was damn proud to be wearing a Phish shirt.

Fleet Foxes’ all had matching ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ outfits and facial hair, and their lead singer sat in a chair while they performed. No further comment necessary.

Which prompted Dizzee Rascal to rip on them at the opening of his set. “Yo Pitchfork, I see you been listening to some folk shit, doing your little dance. I say, Fuck that SHIT!” Dizzee’s performance was, like the Hold Steady’s, based on actually enjoying himself on stage, and shockingly, it entertained people as well! He closed with the still somehow unknown tour-de-force “Dance Wiv Me,” prompting Alain and I to go absolutely insane and everyone else to go get prime seats for Vampire Weekend.

Caribou was Caribou. I watched about four Animal Collective songs, and actually enjoyed myself quite a bit seeing as the lights were cool and it sort of reminded me of seeing Radiohead, but then we left a bit early to avoid the bum rush on the train.

I’m so sick of all this. I just want people to make and listen to music. I don’t know who performed more yesterday — the bands or the audience. Every outfit was impeccably hipster. Everyone who was everyone in the hipster community was there. I can’t wait until Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav knocks some sense into the crowd today.

So, to steal Alain’s joke, how was Pitchfork Music Festival Day 1?

I don’t know; what did Pitchfork say about it?


2 Responses to “I’m tired of indie rock”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    the scene hasn’t changed, you have.

    happens to the best of us.

  2. optimists Says:

    Man that is some deep shit

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