Poolside non-sequitors

August 20, 2008

A lot of stuff has happened over the last few weeks and I really wish I had the motivation to chronicle it all. I saw Radiohead three times, went to New York, threw my brother’s bachelor party, locked down post-graduate employment, saw the Dark Knight, went to Six Flags, etc. 

Now I’m lounging at home at my parents’ house doing just about nothing. At the current moment I am sitting next to the pool in girls’ sunglasses, drinking cold coffee from this morning, listening to the new Walkmen (good), blogging, about to read, and trying to keep Jack from eating the shit he just took. Here are some things I feel like talking about:


  1. It’s really enjoyable to actually buy music. I went to Best Buy about an hour ago, walked in and purchased a physical copy of the new Walkmen album. It felt great. I got in my car, unwrapped it, looked at the cool european-looking artwork, smiled approvingly at the cool placement of the black and white text on the red disc, popped it in. Had never heard it before. Secrets abounded. This is what music used to feel like. Technology is a blessing and a curse.
  2. “Once” is a fantastic movie. There’s a million reasons to hate this movie. But try not to. Man was I a blubbery tear-jerky mess during parts of this. It’s easy to hate the intentional quirks (see: Juno, Garden State, most Wes Andersen movies, the Squid and the Fucking Whale) but sometimes (see: Juno, this movie) it’s easy to fall in love with the substance. The tunes are quite good as well.
  3. New Max Richter: Also makes me want to cry.
  4. Olympics. Meh. China — what a joke.
  5. Law school starts in two weeks. I get to pay $42K for my pointless third year. That’s tuition alone. $21K/semester. For. Classes. That. Don’t. Mean. Shit.
  6. Good news. At least I get to move back to Ann Arbor and live it up for a year. Hoping to leave no less than 24oz of vomit in Rick’s by fall break.
  7. Dark Knight. Hype = completely justified. A bit of a mess with the whole Chinese guy / Hong Kong subplot, otherwise stellar. When Gordon says “The Dark Knight” and the whole thing cascades to a thrilling, epic close, I got such a rush. Fist pump subdued, but yeah, a fucking rush.
  8. Leroi Moore of the DMB died last night. Something about this band really got me back in H.S. Put on some live set this morning out of a sort of homage, I supposed. I turned it off within five minutes. This is a pretty bad band, and I realize it now. Talented, but bad. But they were a fun band to be a fan of, with continuously morphing songs and setlists and sprawling tours and online tape trading communities and what-not. It’s sad to think a bit of my childhood died last night; who knows what the future holds for the Matthews band but it cannot be good.
  9. Viper at Six Flags Great America. One of the best coasters I’ve ever been on. Other great coaster surprise of the summer: Phantom’s Revenge at Kennywood. 
  10. I’m eating like shit. Jet’s Pizza. Taco Loco. KFC. My last three meals. Stick a fork in me.

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